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Christmas 2019: the old café

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

"Het oud Hollands café" has been chosen as the theme for the LENTINK Christmas drink this year.

Like every year, it is always a fairly long sprint from the summer until Christmas for all employees at Lentink. Lentink then runs as a whole organization full steam and if even then in this season half also several new large voluminous projects run parallel to our standard production, then that entails the necessary logistical challenges. Because there are also a few new large products in the soft-tooled department, the challenge is even greater. These large bulky products are largely processed manually with our automation. Every product is actually a unique product where quality is always paramount at Lentink. We are all proud that we also managed to complete these major projects with our client within the agreed time frame before the end of this year.

With a good feeling everyone looks back on what we all managed to do again this year, so did Daniel. However, it will be a bit more difficult for many companies in Europe in the coming years, he says in his annual Christmas speech. Over the past 60 years, we have always managed to get through our company in good and less good years. Looking ahead positively and maintaining shoulders there is therefore our motto. As far as possible, be prepared for what may come. That is why most of Lentink's investments have always been made to be prepared for the increase in costs by third parties (including the government), which we unfortunately have no control over. What we can control to some extent is leveling production costs as much as possible where energy, logistics, productive and optimum production techniques are concerned.

The Christmas dinner and accompanying drink, which Lentink provides annually, were again in good taste. Everyone is always taken into account with regard to the choice of food. A lot of attention is always given to the quality of the food. The cozy atmosphere and ambiance is to a large extent determined by the decoration of the old Dutch café, but of course the positive cozy mood of the colleagues present ensures the success of the pleasant year-end. It is therefore always appreciated by the employees of Lentink that so much attention is paid to the joint closing of the year. The majority of colleagues look forward to this at the end of the year until the moment that the glass can finally be raised together again, towards the new year 2020.


On behalf of all Lentink employees we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.