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Lentink weekend RedBullring F1

Monday, July 8, 2019

A "party" weekend in Austria

After months of counting down, a group consisting of 31 enthusiastic colleagues finally left with a van der Pol Tours VIP bus from Lentink Varsseveld to Austria at 6 o'clock in the morning.

The goal: To experience a Formula 1 competition "live" at the RedBull Ring in Austria, with "our Max Verstappen" in the lead role.

It could not have escaped everyone we would pass; This bus is on its way to Max Verstappen in Austria.

The ride of a total of 12 hours went well so that it was possible to check in at 7 o'clock in the evening at Hotel Styria in Fladnitz. The super friendly staff helped everyone to his and her room and then they could join the extensive dinner. The day ended in the hotel's Bier-Stube.

The following morning, after consuming a sumptuous perfect Austrian breakfast, one could set off with the van der Pol bus to the ReddBull ring. It was already one big orange party on Saturday. The stands were largely orange colored. Various other race classes preceded the training and the subsequent Formula 1 classification. Max had classified himself at start position 2 that Saturday, it couldn't have been better. That promised a lot for the next day. (Sunday, July 30, 3:10 PM). Back at the hotel around 6 o'clock, people could refresh themselves by taking a shower or swimming before joining the dinner.

This evening was also pleasantly closed in the Stube in Fladnitz.

The next day everyone was very enthusiastic about what was to come that afternoon. Max starting from position 2 that could still be place 1 at the end of the race, why not…. right !?

The bus brought our colleagues to the RedBull ring at 10:30 am that Sunday morning and there was a whole day schedule with various racing classes and demonstrations on the menu, including an impressive air show. Max makes an extra circuit to thank the audience in advance for their arrival in the Max Verstappen grandstands. We had more the idea that there were only max Verstappen RedBull fans present because of the many orange mixed with here and there blue colors.

Almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon just before the start, the orange audience consisting of 207,000 visitors are very present and enthusiastic. 10 minutes past three the light comes on and then the lights go out above the starting position… ..Max hardly gets out of place because of an anti-stall mode where the engine of his car shoots. (motor protection) The public is silent for a moment in the ReddBull arena, but Max still gets the car up to speed again and starts from position 8 at that moment. A pity, ... the expected big party apparently is canceled. Nevertheless, the public does not let themselves be known and soon everyone encourages Max again. Of course, Max is the most cheered and applauded. After a steady first run on his tires, the field was shaken up considerably after the first tire change. Then we are all witnessing a mega advance of Max. Would a podium place still be in it !? One driver after the other is overtaken by Max.

Beyond Vettel, Beyond Hamilton and Bottas and now Leclerc in sight. Would it still be possible with 9 more rounds to go on the clock? The incredible thing that happened in a few laps is Max in the tail of Leclerc. Several attempts by Max to catch up with Leclerc, but two laps before the end Max Leclerc takes his last victim up in the second corner. Max is now first and for the umpteenth time that afternoon the audience is completely crazy. What an achievement and how beautiful to witness it. After the exuberant homage from Max Verstappen, the bus leaves for the Netherlands at eight o'clock. There is already talk in the bus about the next time to the formula 1, but then a day longer anyway, because this weekend was one of the most beautiful weekends ever.

On behalf of the management, we thank everyone who made it a super successful perfect racing weekend.

We especially thank:

Hotel Fladnitz (Ayla de Jong) for all good care.


Van der Pol Tours for the perfect trip.


Our colleagues Jeroen Gesink, Bob Kerver and Tim Bennink.