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Assembly path optimized

Monday, November 25, 2019

Montagebaan Moved.

Lentink strives for continuous improvement of its processes,

to be able to produce as optimally as possible.

The purpose of this is to add as much value as possible to the product for the customer. Eliminating waste goes hand in hand with this.

One of the most recent improvements has been the relocation of the assembly line and the shortening of the finishing line. This has led to a reduction in the lead time of products and less work in process. As a result, problems with the products can be detected earlier so that they can subsequently be corrected immediately. The new location of the assembly line is not just chosen. Due to the displacement, both the distance to the paint process and the distance to the next process are reduced. As a result, we have again been able to reduce forklift movements. A first step has also been taken in standardizing 5S at the new location, whereby all components have now been given a permanent place and only the required components are present. This allows the available area of the new location to be used as efficiently as possible. The improvement step in optimizing the supply and removal of the assembly line has now also become a fact. Here too we can work more efficiently due to the displacement of the job.

Lentink: continuously optimizes its processes