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Lentink APP on-Line

Thursday, November 28, 2019

With great enthusiasm, we are presenting the user-friendly technology app from Lentink from today.

"Calculate for a moment how much the plate weight is, which plate diameter do we need, how much plate material have we used?"

We often hear these kinds of questions within our business. We too must regularly calculate various things "even". So it seemed obvious to us that a simple App could be of service to us. That could be achieved through a private Lentink App, right ?!

And here he is, the Lentink app.

This Lentink app is easy to download in the App Store or Google Play Store and is completely free.


The app can be used on the ios and android operating system of a mobile phone or tablet.

What could be more convenient than always having a digital calculation module close at hand ?! In addition to information and the latest news about Lentink as a company, the Lentink app also provides useful user-friendly technical calculation methods.

You can choose from:

  1. A simple calculator.

  2. Use a calculation method for determining a required plate result or plate size for deep-drawn products. (This is provided with easy to read and fill in images.)

  3. A calculation method for calculating geometric shapes. (such as a triangle)

  4. And a calculation method for calculating the required amount of materials on plate or coil.

The calculations are of course partly approximate.

We wish you a lot of ease of use when applying our App.