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Lentink is investing heavily in powder coating line

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New investment robotised powder coating line for 2020 released!

Lentink combines corporate social responsibility (CSR) with savings through investments.

As a leader with two high-quality powder coating lines, Lentink has once again convinced itself to invest again in a "State of the art" robot powder coat line that was recently introduced by Indufinish. The trusted reliability and even higher quality, combined with various optimisations in the field of environment and energy consumption, have quickly convinced Lentink that this will be the right choice for the upcoming production year in view of the steadily rising production costs. Energy prices have multiplied in recent years, while energy demand continues to grow by 2% worldwide.

Lentink has already indicated in previous publications that he is responsible for the effects of his business activities on people, the environment and business operations. Lentink makes conscious choices with regard to new machines to be invested in order to achieve a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

The possibilities of Indufinish

Lentink's home supplier in the field of powder coating has developed a package of saving measures for the installations it supplies. In addition to being socially responsible, they are also financially interesting for Lentink.

Insulation of heated zones in the units means less energy loss.

During the pre-treatment a lot of air and liquid is emitted, which accounts for a large part of the energy consumption. By means of a counter-current airlock concept, both energy consumers are largely pushed back, which leads to the necessary energy savings. The use of an HR instead of a VR boiler also provides additional savings. These measures are more expensive to purchase, but ultimately cheaper in daily use and the lower consumption of fossil energy is subsequently positive for the environment.

Other energy consumers are the various electric motors in such a robotized powder coating line. By means of frequency inverters, all motors are optimally tuned to the product process that is currently running. In this way a minimum amount of energy is always used.

Energy recovery

Because the products in the powder coating line must go through different phases in which the product is heated 3 times or must be cooled again, it is possible to reuse this high curing heat in two of the previous heating steps. By passing the hot heated products through a heat exchanger at a temperature of 90 to 180 degrees, we can then allow the products to cool in the heat exchanger cabin that uses the heat of the products in that cooling phase to pre-heat the products in the previous phases. can dry. Reuse has the ergonomic advantage that the ambient temperature in the summer does not rise unbearably high for the employees in the workspace.

By working with largely shielded spaces in which the products are processed, there is little air displacement. It goes without saying that this given the quality of the powder coating also greatly benefits. An optimum spray result will be the result of this. With even less powder and energy loss and being able to clean the equipment even faster and better, Lentink gives the opportunity to be able to continue to serve its customers qualitatively in the coming years. Our people working in our powder coating departments are therefore confident about the new installation.