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Making a Christmas piece at Lentink

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Making Christmas pieces at Lentink.

Under the guidance of Joke and Maarten, employees of florist "Beo bloeminders" from Varsseveld, many enthusiastic colleagues and their introduction managed to create beautiful Christmas pieces at Lentink again this year.

Never before has the turnout been as great as this year to make Christmas pieces. More than 40 people have put all their creativity in their own Christmas piece. This year's group was again larger than last year and as a result it could be that Lentink also wants to organize this with the Easter for anyone who likes it. While enjoying tasty sweets, hot drinks and music, a lot of work was done by the ladies and gentlemen. The results speak for themselves. We want to thank everyone present for their enthusiasm and positive contribution to this successful morning.


Happy holidays to all.