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Food truck instead of summer drink

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Summer drink replaced by Foodtruck.

As every year, the summer holiday is heralded by means of a snack and a drink.

However, given the current rules on keeping distance, Lentink could not proceed this year.

In order to still wish people a nice holiday and to conclude with something special, the management decided to do this this year by means of a Food Truck. You could order what you wanted to eat at the food truck. This allowed the "standard" sandwich to be left at home. People could indulge themselves from a healthy sandwich to a hamburger sandwich. Everyone experienced this as a nicely desired alternative. For each department, a 45-minute break was taken so that each department could remain in its own bubble while eating the tasty snack.

The management also wishes all employees, customers and suppliers to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.