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Nol retired

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

On January 9, 1995, Nol started working for our organization. Earlier this year we already put him in the spotlight for that. After all, this was a 25th anniversary of employment on January 9 of this year. Now we put him in the spotlight again. Nol Meeuwesen will retire on 31 October.

When Nol started with us in 1995, he had spent 10 years at Rublo and 10 years at Intersign. He started working for us in January 1995 in the press shop as a machine operator. In the first years he worked on many different presses and many products passed through his hands.

In August 1995, he lost one of his lower legs in a tragic accident. It has not prevented him from continuing to work in the years since. We watched with admiration how he continued to devote himself to the job.

Almost every time Nol joined company activities and company parties. He also did not shy away from a long walk in the mountains during the Lentink trip to Formula 1 in Austria.

In recent years Nol has worked in the welding shop. Here he performed all kinds of manual and tension services. From grinding on the Costa, to MIG / MAG welding of certain products, to tapping, drilling or packing: Nol took up the work with pleasure.

On his last working day his closest colleagues and management thanked him for the 25 years.  

Nol also from this place: thank you for your commitment to our organization over the past 25 years. Now is the time to start enjoying your well-deserved retirement. You deserve it!