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Mitsubishi laser unit & astes4

Monday, May 10, 2021

Lentink has definitively released investments in 2021.

As mentioned in a previous news item from Lentink, Lentink is also experiencing uncertain economic times with regard to the economy in the past year and also this year. Despite the fact that the coming months are still difficult to predict due to the current economy and poorly available raw materials, the management of Lentink has decided to release investments for this year 2021, such as in a new laser cutting machine. We are therefore proud to announce that we have opted for a brand new Mitsubishi fiber laser machine with Astes sorting unit. For the connoisseurs among us, it is the: ML3015GX-F40 equipped with a 4Kw laser. Our existing Astes sorting unit will undergo a complete retrofit and will be optimally matched to the new Mitsubishi laser cutting unit. Thanks to this new investment, Lentink will have three laser cutting machines from the beginning of July 2021.

Material dimensions that can be processed on this new machine are: 3.050 MM X 1.525 MM

The increased number of orders for smaller series of sheet metal parts made Lentink decide to further grow the soft tool department. As a result of the increase in turnover in the last twelve months, it is obvious that a large, heavy, new 4 meter long press brake will be added to our existing number of press brakes within three weeks from now on.

Lentink continues to move.

For more information regarding our investments for 2021, keep an eye on our news items on our website.