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Monday, October 16, 2017

A nice party in the Radstake.

The Lentink staff party last Saturday night was perfectly successful according to the reviews afterwards. Due to the great rise, we have all ensured that this success will be a new success later on.

After having enjoyed a tasteful buffet, a lot of faces were taken as a cartoon while consuming some drinks, which led to the necessary hilarity. Then we went to a game show. The mix of the game element combined with live music caused the enthusiasm to pop out of the crowd. The game “the top 2000” caused a heated match between the red / white hats and the blue / orange caps on the one hand. During the “show” we were all surprised by our own Guus (Meeuwis) who sang the whole song “It’s a Night”, which produced the much needed points. Then our home singer Gijs de Bruin made sure that after the end of the Top2000 a polonaise could be used with cozy “hook up” sounds. The evening ended with a live disc jockey that attracted many to the dance floor.

On behalf of the Staff Committee, we would like to thank everyone for the achievement of this successful evening.